I am a freelance fantasy illustrator specializing in painting imaginative realistic characters. I love telling the story of who a character is through their pose, expression, and clothing.

I was born and raised in New Orleans and have been sketching and doodling all my life. In high school, I drew portraits of my friends and celebrities, pinup style drawings of lowrider trucks, Marvel characters, and anthropomorphic creatures. After I graduated, I chose the military route and spent 8 years as a Soldier in the US Army, after which I worked as a defense contractor for some years before finally finding my way back to art. These days, I have more on my plate than I can possibly get done in a day and it’s exhilarating, fulfilling, and exhausting. I’m a mostly digital illustrator but I’ve recently gotten back into drawing on paper in pencil, charcoal, and ink, and have also started learning how to paint in oils.

I’m excited to see where my art takes me and I try to enjoy every step of the journey rather than focusing on a single destination.

What’s your story?


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