Link Round-Up 12/12/14

Oh hello readers…

First and foremost – The Reckless Deck challenge on The Art Order! AH!!:

A really cool art tutorial page:

Lauren continues her series on the 7 Deadly Sins of Art:

Studio Catawampus is having a sale:


Kiri has had a Women in Fantasy Illustration series for ages, go check that out asap:


Jennifer is talking about her Schoolism class each week:

Link Round-up 11/14/14

Thought I’d start a new thing. Every Friday, I’ll post a blog entry with a whole slew of links to blog posts I’ve read that week that I find interesting. Enjoy!

Donato’s post about his love of painting details:

Anthony’s post about upcoming projects:

Isra’s recap of THU 2014:

Tom’s post about masters of cross-hatching:

Sam’s process of his Xavaes Split Tongue illustration:

Lauren’s entire series on the 7 Deadly (Art) Sins:

I managed to listen to every last one of Jeff Lafferty’s artcasts, I’m all caught up!: